Tradetech Services Australia supplies underground reticulations for all major civil projects – electrical and telecommunications being two key examples.

Tradetech Services Australia supplies underground reticulations for all major civil projects – electrical and telecommunications being two key examples.

At Tradetech, we provide underground reticulation services to assist our customers in planning and undertaking major civil projects. When providing these services and installing infrastructure underground, it is crucial that underground reticulation work be undertaken carefully and by skilled contractors. Tradetech(TSA) pride ourselves on being able to deliver services to the highest standards to support the installation of key infrastructure for our communities.

Anyone who has driven through Melbourne in recent years will know that there are road, train and infrastructure projects going ahead at a rapid pace. Often, these major civil projects are being undertaken in urban and high-density areas, where infrastructure needs to be relocated or newly constructed in areas with minimal amounts of space. Moving infrastructure underground is often the best solution in these cases, and allows our underground reticulation services to come to the fore.

The installation of major electrical infrastructure is just one example of how our underground reticulation construction expertise can be applied. We strive to be Melbourne’s leading provider of underground solutions for the construction of electrical supply pits, HV conduits and communication cabling, to name a few. Underground reticulations are a common solution for ensuring electricity is supplied safely and without interfering at ground level with other assets being constructed in a major civil project. Hiring a skilled and specialised contactor such as Tradetech(TSA) will ensure your underground reticulation works are of the highest quality and will survive the test of time.

Much of Tradetech’s expertise in supplying underground reticulation electrical solutions can also be applied when installing or relocating telecommunications infrastructure. The need for telecommunications infrastructure has only grown in modern times with the increased use of online and internet services by residences and businesses alike. NBN infrastructure often needs to be installed or relocated as part of executing a major civil project and, much like other infrastructure, an underground reticulation is often the best solution to ensure telecommunications infrastructure does not interfere with ground level assets.

Our underground reticulation construction expertise allows us work alongside our clients to confidently plan and undertake their major civil projects, knowing that telecommunications infrastructure can be safely constructed underground and in a manner, which ensures that end user NBN and online capabilities aren’t compromised.

The utilisation of underground reticulation services is only likely to grow into the future for major civil projects. At Tradetech, we understand the importance of these services and are committed to providing the very best solutions to assist our clients in executing their major civil projects in a cost effective, safe and timely manner.

For more information about how Tradetech can assist you in providing underground reticulation services on a major civil project, click here.

Tradetech provides a full range of services to its clients on major civil projects across Melbourne CBD, Melbourne suburbs and major regional centres in Victoria. Visit our home page for more details or call us on (03) 9440 7500.

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