Our yard based in Reservoir supply the industry with a range of Civil quarry products.

This includes supplies for plumbers/drainers, construction companies, concreters/asphalters, builders, & landscapers.

Onsite tipping facility for your Spoil.

Ranging from custom loads, clean fill & mixed loads. We sort & separate the loads to ensure construction waste can be repurposed where possible. The clean fill can then be reused on other projects and the construction rubble generated from the fill can be crushed into gravel. This is an environmentally & sustainable way to recycle site debris and construction waste.

Resi Yard 4 Product bins
Lukes Bio Image

Quarry Supplies Yard Manager

Luke began his career in metal fabrication but was drawn to civil construction due to his mechanical aptitude. Luke has been with TSA since 2012, commencing as a labourer and became a dedicated and enthusiastic employee. Advancing quickly to Team Leader of our civil crews and also becoming our first experienced Vacuum Truck operator. Luke moved up to and excelled in the role of Civil underground division Manager. He has now taken on a new position as TSA’s Quarry Supplies Manager in Reservoir, which involves maintaining onsite plant and equipment, actively building the business by sourcing and managing new clients, bulk material and stock purchase and sales, managing the daily in and out of up to 20 staff. He loves a challenge and over the years has been an invaluable TSA team member.

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