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Mark Wilson

Executive Chairman

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Mark Wilson is the founder and owner of TSA. He began as a one-man operator across all aspects of the commercial and residential electrical sector. His commitment and vision for TSA has now grown into a thriving, solutions-based organisation. Mark has long recognised the opportunities in playing a role in Australia’s energy transformation. He is passionate about contributing through partnerships and collaborative business alignments.

Mark believes our people are what constitute the solidity and strength of TSA. He drives a “people first” culture and speaks often about personal qualities over pure qualifications. He believes this is what sets TSA and its people apart from other companies.

A dynamic, natural leader and visionary thinker, Mark is determined to grow and strengthen the business in line with Australia’s prosperity and growth as it transitions towards a cleaner energy future!

Nick Nuttall

Chief Executive Officer

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Nick came to TSA 9 years ago as the GM based on his exceptional organisational and business talents. Coupled with Nick’s depth of understanding the construction environment, he has made huge strides in strengthening the company since 2015 and has transitioned in 2023 to the role of CEO, continuing his determined course of growth and innovation.

Nick uses his sharp sense of values to drive the company in the most professional and compassionate manner.

Nick and his senior team have a clear vision and growth plan to ensure our clients and suppliers continue to enjoy the business TSA provides well into the future.

A clear thinker and supportive communicator, Nick throws all his energies into TSA and the outcomes are a just reward for his tireless efforts!

John Sheahan

Chief Operating Officer

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John has been in Senior Executive roles for 28 years. Focused on Operations and Business Process in the Communications / Media industries, John has a wealth of experience in leading and delivering large operational and structural changes.

His sharp Business acumen and client growth strategies are a primary skill. Leading large companies through technology transitions has been a key success story in John’s working life so far. Steering FOXTEL operations through the analogue to digital platforms is a great example.

Being a “natural” in driving mutually beneficial outcomes, John plays a key role in paving the way for continued growth as TSA maps its future.

Sue Riley

Senior Operations Manager

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Sue began her career in the financial services and travel industry, studying business marketing and financial planning. Her career has included Business Development Manager roles for multi-national companies, including extended overseas positions.

She transitioned to the civil construction and electrical industry 12 years ago and has developed and expanded her role in civil infrastructure. She prides herself on her work ethic, tireless ability to find solutions to any problem in a timely matter, and friendly customer-focused attitude.

A clever and driven administrator, Sue drives the process and relationship with Clients to the most efficient and logical outcomes. Sue delivers instinctively and brings her entire team along for the ride with vision and clear communications.

Peter Stewart

Construction Manager

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Pete has spent his entire working life developing a wealth of knowledge and expertise. A rapid learner and creative, problem solver, Pete has always excelled at delivering outcomes. Owning his own Building & Demolition Co’s over the journey, Pete has vast experience in – Commercial, Industrial, domestic building and construction.

Given his experiences and coupled with his engaging nature, Pete calls upon his colleagues and work network to “get things done”. A straight shooter that sees the best route to an outcome, and works with his team to communicate and support the path to completion. Pete is a huge asset to TSA in more than his role! He works collaboratively across the company, adding value in every conversation.

Danielle Davies

Operations Manager

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With a strong history of finance, and 30+ years' experience in Product Management, Dani has refined her craft in driving administrative functions with the highest levels of efficiency.

Project Planning & Operations Management are the outputs that Dani excels in. Dani has broadened her realm by taking on OH&S structures and process within TSA.

Being a great communicator and tireless worker on the details of all things safety, Dani has secured the procedural efficiencies that support the Policies that TSA have adopted. Dani’s theory of her role is to “simply work harder than our competitors."

Ethan Choong

Head of Finance/Analytics

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Starting as a financial analyst in a manufacturing environment, Ethan holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting from the United Kingdom and brings almost 30 years of rich and diverse experience in finance and management accounting.

Ethan specialises in financial management reporting, developing accounting controls, policies, and processes. His extensive experience across various industries showcases his ability to enhance financial operations and ensure accurate reporting.

Coupled with his IT and Research expertise, Ethan provides a comprehensive insight into the business progression. His ability to share and communicate the cause and effects behind the “numbers” makes Ethan a rare and important part of our business growth and success.

Jane Emmerson

Administration Manager

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Jane commenced working for Tradetech Services (Aust) Pty Ltd in 2009 as Administration Manager.

Throughout her time at Tradetech Services (Aust) Pty Ltd, Jane has been an integral part of the backend business structure, utilising her strengths in the development and implementation of business IMS system’s, management and administration of HR and financial controls.

Before being recruited to Tradetech Services (Aust) Pty Ltd, Jane had a plethora of business administration experience in a number of different industries, including but not limited to, finance, transport & advertising, which in turn has given her the sound business acumen needed to help TSA grow into the dynamic company it is today.

Claudia Kyriakou

Marketing Manager

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Claudia is a highly qualified Marketing Executive. Her dedicated and ambitious drive and strong passion for driving business success are inspiring. Claudia thinks creatively about effective marketing solutions and always looks at tailored solutions for clients. With a solid grounding in marketing principles and contemporary strategies, she brings fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to our growth forecasts.

Claudia consistently excels when focusing on consumer behaviour, market research and strategy, and digital marketing tactics. She showcases her adaptability and proficiency in fast-paced environments through hands-on projects, where she plays a key role in campaign development and social media management.

Claudia is an effective communicator and collaborative team player; she is committed to meeting objectives while also creating strategic marketing initiatives that enhance brand visibility and foster meaningful engagement.

Elise Carydis

Risk & Compliance Officer

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Elise Carydias has experience working across both Not-For-Profit and Corporate environments with project management and development being core functions of her work. Her studies in Public Health / Health Promotion and Commerce / Business Analytics have complimented her work and allowed her to transfer skills and critically analyse TSA’s Risk and Compliance Program with a new lens.

Elise is constantly looking at external influences and expectations, to ensure TSA stays at the forefront of Risk & Compliance. Her ability to translate that into effective, internal communications and alignment with the core company values, is a prime driver of our progress in recent years!

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