How Is the Process Done by a Qualified Contractor?​

The process of installing overhead electrical service cables to homes and commercial premises are fast becoming a thing of the past.

New construction, refurbishments and renovations are turning to underground electricity supply which involves the installation of an electrical ‘pole to pit’.

Not only does underground electrical infrastructure provide a much safer option in the event of storm or damage by trees, but it also much more aesthetically pleasing to the environment.

Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) are experts in the installation of underground electrical infrastructure and are a key supplier to the electricity supply industry.


Chris Healey, Senior Supervisor

Chris Healey began his career in the civil construction industry over 30 years ago. He has a forensic understanding the of public Infrastructure architecture and how it is best navigated. From his humble beginnings as a civil labourer, Chris quickly grew into a team leader and eventually into a supervisory role, and finally the Manager.

Chris was recruited to the TSA team in July 2020, due largely to his extensive experience in HV & LV installations, I.T.S. and traffic signal works. His common professional ideals in commitment to staff, training and safety, complements the TSA brand on all levels.


Ben Browning, Pole 2 Pit Supervisor

Ben has spent 20+ years in the Civil construction environment, as it applies to the roads reserve. His early roles were in traffic signals, road widening projects and Public Lighting infrastructure. . As a natural leader, Ben quickly rose to become a Supervisor that included substantial clerical interactions with the stakeholders and negotiating works programs.

Developing his leadership and management skills, Ben become a subject matter expert in all Civil trenching, road surfaces and cable routing. His experiences in recognising the quality and safety of all infrastructure as led Ben to the role of Supervisor with TSA.

Ben continues to provide excellent Supervisory support to our Minor Civil works, liaising between the TSA works program and the translation to field productivity.

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Administration Team

Closely managing the relationship between the clients, our field crews and the influence this work can have on – Vic Roads, Councils, residents and the general public, the Minor Civil Admin team take it all in their daily stride. A close knit team that operates, based on excellent, daily communications, they act as the key “pivot points” to ensure work runs smoothly.

Their attention to details and recognising possible problems, before they occur, our team acts swiftly and decisively to keep the show on the road – all day, every day!

How is the electrical pole to pit process done by Tradetech Services Australia?

Listed below are the steps that we take to connect the supply of electricity, from the street pole to your home or business establishment.​

1. Inspection

Following an application for an underground service pit to the relevant ‘Supply Authority’, a supply offer is made to the customer. From acceptance of this offer, Tradetech Services Australia (TSA), will make a site inspection to determine the ‘scope of works’.

2. Permits and Accreditation

We then co-ordinate with the local government agencies, to obtain permits, certifications and other necessary documents. Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) is an approved VEDN civil contractor. VEDN is the Victorian Electrical Distribution Network, a committee of the Victorian Electricity Supply Industry or VESI. Having a VEDN approval means that we are accredited to undertake various tasks that deal with underground cabling in around Melbourne.

3. Materials

Once the permits are granted, we precure all the necessary materials and equipment to carry out the ‘pole to pit’ works. We are equipped with excavators, horizontal boring equipment, directional drilling, hydro excavation equipment, traffic management and all the tools necessary to complete the works.

4. Precautions

From the obtained’ Dial Before You Dig’ documents, a scan of all existing underground assets is performed to prevent any damage whilst performing the works. Hydro excavation (NDD) may also be required to protect these assets as well as protection of tree roots.

5. Cabling

Inspections and audits are performed on every project to ensure the quality and integrity of each installation. Following this process and completion of ‘As Built’ drawings, all documents are handed over to the relevant Supply Authority for the process of connection.

6. Re-instatement

Finally, Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) will reinstate all concrete, asphalt and grass areas that had been disturbed during the installation, thus providing a total ‘turnkey’ solution to every project.

To summarise, the ‘pole to pit’ process requires expertise, the right equipment, accreditation, skilled staff, and attention to detail to ensure the job is done right.

Feel free to contact us if you need any additional information about our services.

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