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Electrical Pits

VEDN AUDITS: Tradetech Services Australia is authorised to inspect civil works in relation to the supply and installation of trenching, conduits, pits and associated excavation works, as required by the Victorian Electrical Supply Industry.

Our team of trenching and horizontal boring experts take great pride in getting the job done right every time. Our fleet of machinery and trucks are maintained to the highest level with attention to detail which means the best results for you, especially on the most technical of jobs.

Tradetech Services Australia specialise in the installation of underground communication and electrical infrastructure.

For instance we have experience that extends to installing conduits, pits installation, power cables for the communication industry including Telco’s, Energy Organisations , Construction and Civil Companies.

Regardless of the size of the project, we will provide exceptional service. Whether it is the underground wiring for Citipower and Jemena networks, underground boring, or excavation work, our experienced staff will do the job for you efficiently and effectively.

With all the necessary accreditations required by Australian Standards we can offer complete turnkey solutions for cable installations including optical fibre, communications and power.

• Victorian Electricity Distribution
• (VEDN) Approved Civil Contractor.
• CW047

Electrical Pole to Pit

An electricity pit is an underground service pit we install usually on the boundary of a property needing a power connection. This allows us to lay and join the underground infrastructure from the power pole into this pit. This pit connects the electricity supplies from the street to the residence/business. When power is ready to be connected to the property (your electrician will request this) the power supply company for the area connects your property at the pole.
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