What is 4G and 5G technology?

4G and 5G are both networks that connect your smart device (phone, tablet, computer) to the internet. The ‘G’ in each stands for generation. The key differences between 4G and 5G is that 5G is much faster and it allows for more devices to be connected at once. 4G supports around 4000 devices per square kilometre where as 5G will support around 1 million.

5G operates on a high-frequency radio spectrum band. The 5G network will be based on small cell technology with antennas as near as 500 feet away.

What is Small Cell?

Small cells are low-powered radio access points that assist in connecting smart devices to cell phone networks over a small geographical area. Having a small cell network helps assist the telecommunication provider in covering black spot areas, high demand for data areas and the ability to cater for future expansion.


Why TSA?

All latest generations need small cells, and installation of the small cell is in high demand.

Installation of small cell equipment and technology needs precision and professionalism. TSA provides a world-class service in installing 4G and 5G small cell’s.

If you are looking for quality network infrastructure installation services, TSA is your expert.

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