Eletrical Services

Tradetech provide the following commercial services:

Data Cabling- We have experienced technicians and the skills to install or upgrade your network. This service is a key critical business system, so we give it the attention it deserves. We cover all work from simple network test to installation to full operational systems. In addition, we have a wide range other competencies to assist in a complete service.

Lighting Design and Installation – Our team provide a leading lighting design and installation service, specialising in all types of outdoor lighting systems. In fact, we service right across all areas of Melbourne and provide all your commercial lighting needs.

Switchboard Upgrade or Replacement – If your current switchboard in not handling current capacity then you may need to consider your options. That is to say, the these type of switchboards can have a inclination to short circuit creating issues with systems and equipment in the premises. Upgrading your switchboard can assist in overall power consumption ensuing you have enough capacity to work with current load requirements.

Electrical Maintenance – Our technicians troubleshoot and carry out routine on the spot check on motors, electrical circuits, mechanical, and electrical systems. As part of on-going maintenance we also take responsibility for all OH &S safety standards and regulations. As part of the service we write cost analysis reports for upgrading, servicing and maintaining your electrical systems. Lastly, we provide tracking of all electrical work, lists of goods and services provided whilst ensuring the highest level of quality assurance.

Rewiring – Its always important to consider faulty electrics as it can pose a serious fire risk and in some cases electrocution. Therefore, you want to ensure you bring your wiring up to building regulations and Australian standards. If the premises is an older commercial building then check whether the wiring is up to date before you buy. This will help with the amount of work required and will help in purchasing or leasing costs.

Security Installations- When considering safety for your commercial or industrial property Tradetech can assist in advising what is best for your needs. Considering this, we can offer you the best protection system which is focused on protecting your assets and area. Liaising with our team we ensure we mitigate any risk around health and safety in the areas we monitor. Our wide-ranging skills will provide you with a comprehensive solution to avoid security threats.

Energy Audits – We review , investigate all facets of your organisations historical and current energy use. The objective is to find and qualify areas of waste. We are qualified in this field to provide expert advice.

After all, if you can save money with the capital investment then you don’t have a whole lot to lose. We can plan out a pay back plan between a two- four year period with major savings as another benefit.

Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) works in a variety of areas covering a large portion of the electrical field. We have a guaranteed system that allows the highest of customer service and only the best of tradesmen completing any electrical works. From planning to completion, TSA delivers the best product on time – every time.

Full Range of Electrical Services

Our Team are experienced in all aspects of electrical work for commercial premises and offices including:
• Data Cabling
• Lighting Design and Installation
• Switchboard Upgrade or Replacement
• Electrical Maintenance
• Rewiring
• Testing & Tagging
• Security Installation
• Energy Audits
• Energy efficient highbay and flood lighting

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