Before you start any civil projects, you may need to organize resources that will be essential for the development of the construction project: i.e. personnel, contractors, and your budget.

Before you start any civil projects, you may need to organize resources that will be essential for the development of the construction project: i.e. personnel, contractors, and your budget.

In civil infrastructure construction, you will want to source the right contractors to work with, in electrical, concrete, infrastructure systems, etc. Response, immediate solutions, a safe working environment maybe the type of relationship you want to build with your contractors. Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) has a strong reputation as an industry leader across Melbourne in these fields.

With many years of experience in electrical/civil infrastructure construction, we can offer quality work that is exceptional and reliable. On top of that, we always put our customers’ needs before anything else. We know that this strategy has worked well with our past projects.

Our expertise includes the following:

  • Civil Infrastructure
  • H/V & L/V conduit & pit installation
  • All VEDN accredited work including kiosk substation foundations & cable hauling
  • Commercial & domestic electrical installations / maintenance & service
  • Hydro excavation/ non- destructive digging
  • Concreting & asphalting minor works
  • Traffic management
  • Hostile vehicle mitigation systems
  • Telecommunications installations

Our civil infrastructure construction team are comprised of licensed master electricians, experienced ground personnel & machine operators. Our staff regularly update their certifications covering all relevant workplace regulations and operating compliances. We are an Australian owned and operated company and our goal is to provide you with a turnkey solution for your civil construction needs. We bring you cost-efficient results with a commitment to providing you quality and reliability, with a professional and competent approach. Our focus on building a relationship and engaging with our customers is an important facet of our business.

Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) has extensive experience in the planning, mobilisation and resources management in the development of civil infrastructure construction, in the Melbourne CBD, across the metropolitan and major regional areas. When working on a venture, we ensure that we deliver to you an infrastructure project with excellent results and a smooth transition between each phase of the project always focused on timely communication, meeting deadlines, and budgets. Our customers over the years include Construction, Utility, Telecommunication companies, rail networks, defence, government departments and municipalities amongst many more. We are regarded by our customers to be the industry leader in Civil & electrical infrastructure construction, because Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) stands out; when it comes to knowledge, resources, and scope of services.

We pride ourselves on response and results, on time, every time. We are only too happy to discuss your next project with our approachable, professional team. Contact us for a quote on 03 9440 7500 or visit us at

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