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Civil Electrical Services Projects

We undertake all facets of underground power conduit construction, commercial building conduit runs, complete design and installation development, and general maintenance and repair for underground power distribution.

  • Underground utilities construction services include:
  • Trenching and Pipe Placement Work
  • Manhole/Hand Hole/Precast Structures
  • Cable Pulling and Blowing
  • Construction and Cable Placement
  • Site Electrical Work
  • Emergency Repair/Restoration Services

What separates Tradetech Services from other contractors is the size, scope, scale and sophistication of our civil projects. Our experienced staff works with each customer to customise the most efficient and cost-effective approach to delivering our services. We know what is required and how to deliver those requirements for the cost to meet your budget.

Furthermore, we have a team of the best underground electricians in the business. Our certified equipment operators and ground personnel receive regular, intensive training in all areas of equipment operation, work zone safety, and strict compliance regulations.

And since Tradetech services is up to date in local and city requirements, you can trust that your project will be completed the right way, the first time.

Our licensed master electricians know the planning, permits, trenching, installation and inspections that are required for your job’s underground electrical service.

For instance, we have deep knowledge and experience in the electrical field as well as large civil projects. Our outstanding reputation, skilled staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and long standing client relationships result in best practice solutions.

Utilities, transportation companies, municipal and state agencies, hospitals and large industrial clients choose Tradetech Services, as the industry leader for large scale civil infrastructure solutions, our extensive knowledge, expansive resources and comprehensive scope of services stand alone.

Our customers rely on our proven its value, even in the face of time constraints, inclement weather, challenging terrain and uncharted territory.

Monash Health, Clayton


• Supply and installation of H/V Conduits and Pits

• Concrete cutting and supply of asphalt

• Excavation, trenching, supply and installation of precast concrete pits

• Vacuum Excavation around existing services

• Backfilling and reinstatement of site.

AusNet Services, Greensborough


• Re-Location of AusNets High Voltage Electrical service conduits for future underground car park installation.

• Cutting and removal of asphalt

• Excavation and bench trench to the required depths for installation of conduits

• Supply and installation of conduits to AusNet approved drawings, including the supply and installation of bedding sand

• Organisation of VEDN audit and As Built drawings

• Traffic management as required for the works to take place.



• Install all underground infrastructure for Public Lighting, including the installation of 65 Bollard Lights and all REC works

• Locate existing in-ground services, excavate and backfill trenches

• Supply and install conduits and cabling to the switchboard and car park

• Cut asphalt

• Supply and install crushed rock in trenches and compact traffic areas.



• Excavation and trenching

• Installation of electrical and communication pits and conduits required for camera poles.

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