In the construction industry, it is unlikely that you will come across a site that does not require, at one stage or another, the use of a vacuum truck.

In the construction industry, it is unlikely that you will come across a site that does not require, at one stage or another, the use of a vacuum truck. Outside of the obvious reasons for this (rarely is a site in perfect condition for immediate development/ sites require raw materials and resources to be removed so that development can kick off), there are several other reasons why vacuum trucks are so integral to the construction industry.

  • They allow for non-destructive digging: This benefits both you and the environment around your site. Firstly, the method of non-destructive digging means that work can be completed in a matter of hours, sometimes even minutes, as opposed to days and weeks – the latter timeframes typically associated with manual digging. This works in your favour, as it means the project is able to reach completion sooner, which is likely going to result in a cost-effective approach. Secondly, non-invasive digging allows for the safety of underground assets. While this may not always seem so important, any damage to underlying structures can halt any further work being carried out on a worksite; not to mention repair works are extremely expensive.
  • Non-destructive digging is environmentally friendly: Mechanical digging can disrupt a large area unrelated to the targeted area of work. This can allow for the production of debris and loose earth, which, if left unmanaged, can become hazardous to both the surrounding environment and the construction project itself. The use of a vacuum truck allows for a clean and safe worksite; not to mention, the surrounding environment is restored to its natural state once the machine has left the site.

In addition to the points discussed above, vacuum trucks are deemed safer and more simple than manual digging machines. Below are some commonly asked questions about vacuum trucks and their operation:

Do you require a license to operate a vacuum truck?

You need a heavy rigid licence to drive a vacuum truck. Given the complexity of the machine, training is imperative; so training on the operation of the truck will be provided.

How do vacuum trucks work? A high-pressure hose is used to break down materials such as soil gravel or rock (this is known as hydro excavation). The debris is then sucked back into the machine and removed from the site.

Do vacuum trucks come in different sizes? The short answer is yes. Although vacuum trucks do not exactly differ in size, but more so weight. Knowing the correct weight of the vehicle needed for your job can be tricky and is best left to a trained staff member at Tradetech Services who will assess the job, location and resource involved.

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