Traffic Management Control Melbourne

What is Traffic Management

Traffic Management focuses on the planning of the safe flow and movement of people and road users from one location to another. Our Traffic Management team use up to date industry technique’s and planning to control the health and safety risks associated with movement by traffic and pedestrians, usually on or adjacent to a worksite.

Ashlee Turczyniak

Ashlee Turczyniak, Traffic Management Supervisor

Ashlee is Tradetech Services Australia’s proud Traffic Management Supervisor. With over 8 years hands on experience in the traffic control sector, Ashlee has a proven track record of dedication and reliability. Her keen, friendly and ambitious approach to her professional career makes Ashlee a standout to her colleagues and clients alike.

Ashlee’s uncompromising approach to safety and her willingness to be the best at what she does, makes her an invaluable member of Tradetech Services Australia.

Why Is Traffic Management Control Important?

If you have a project either large or small, one of the key concerns is to minimize the risk of accident and injury to workers, pedestrian, and road users. By providing a risk free environment through careful planning and risk management, movement around and through your construction project will be safe and controlled for all users.

We individually identify potential risks and work to achieve safe and commercially efficient outcomes. Our Traffic Management team at Tradetech Services (TSA) are among the leading experienced contractors in Melbourne and will meticulously plan your project with site specific outcomes.

What Services Are Offered by Tradetech Services Australia for Your Business?


Traffic Management

We aim to provide the safe, orderly and effective movement of goods and people, to prevent accidents, injury and where possible, we intend to minimise disruption to surrounding workplaces. We are committed in providing the safest environment, for both your workers and our staff, while maintaining the motoring public with the safest road conditions.

Our traffic management system includes tracking of extremely important details of your project, on site staff and your allocated resources. This system enables us to deliver to you a quality service, which is consistent and effective, never losing track of the specific requirements of your building project.

Traffic Control

Tradetech Services Australia provides traffic control services to a wide range of industries including construction, utilities and commercial businesses of local government and private individuals. We provide the highest level of safety to everyone present on the site, by delivering a site specific traffic control plan. These plans have been designed by our team of knowledgeable and skilled individuals, who are experts in this industry.

We have been in the industry for more than 30 years and our experience through those years, has made us a leading provider of traffic management control in Melbourne and the surrounding regions. We are renown for providing safe and secure job sites and roadways, with an unblemished safety record.


Pedestrian Management

Depending on the location of your construction project, traffic on the site can include motorcycle riders, cyclists, cars and pedestrians. It is important that no accident happens, when vehicles move around, enter or exit the workplace. At Tradetech Services Australia, we understand public safety is paramount, which is why we deliver a comprehensive and detailed plan to meet to the highest safety standards.


While your project is ongoing, you may require traffic control equipment, such as roadwork signs, devices, cones, bollards, concrete barriers, portable traffic signals and truck mounted attenuators. At Tradetech Services Australia we provide all the necessary equipment associated with road safety traffic and control, to ensure seamless traffic control management.


Reasons to Hire Our Services:

Our Traffic Management Control Melbourne team members are all accredited and supported by a modern fleet of fully equipped vehicles. We can cater for any situation, whether it be local council roads or major road reconstructions. Our team have the necessary training and equipment that are tailored to meet your specific needs. Our field staff are able to conduct site inspections, devise an appropriate traffic control plan and organise road authorities, council and police permits. This allows us to provide you with a total traffic management solution.

Our skills and knowledge in this particular field, enable us to be flexible to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s construction and infrastructure environment. With our professional approach and experience across a wide range of projects, you can feel confident that we will deliver the right outcome for your project.

When working with Tradetech Services Australia you will have peace of mind that all your workers and visitors on and around your site are safe. We have an extensive risk mitigation plan to avoid any accidents or injuries. From a major road construction to local council roads we will deliver a safe and reliable outcome.

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