TSA technicians are industry professionals who value and appreciate the importance of your business and what it means to you.

With the construction or maintenance of a commercial property comes the need for commercial electrical services, such as: lighting designs and installations, the upgrading of switchboards and/ or the need for the installation of security systems. These systems and services, among many others offered by Tradetech Services Australia (TSA), are imperative to the safety of both employees and any patrons or pedestrians that may use your services.

TSA technicians are industry professionals who value and appreciate the importance of your business and what it means to you; we will go above and beyond to ensure that you get the desired results from your requested job needs. Listed below are some of the ways in which we will work to improve your business.

Light design and installation: We have a team of lighting designers and specialists here at Tradetech who can help you create a unique identity for your commercial space, while also appreciating the importance of light and the appropriate visibility required to carry out tasks in your office or factory environment.

Upgrading switchboards: Electrical switchboards play an incredibly important role in the safety of everyone on premises. They require ongoing maintenance and inspection. Our team of qualified personnel know exactly what to look for in switchboards that pose as a potential threat and through rectifying such faults, can prevent dangerous work situations and outcomes.

Security systems: Our accredited security technicians will help you design the perfect system that captures in its strategy any potential intrusion areas, while also keeping in mind your financial budgets.

Energy audits: With the cost of energy, from both a money perspective and its impact on the environment, is preferable to any business to use as little of it as possible. Our TSA energy auditors are qualified to assess how your business utilises its current and necessary equipment and the way your commercial property operates and help you use energy more efficiently.

Data cabling: Data cabling is used to pass electronic information from a source to a destination. Our technicians are experienced in this line of work and they have the necessary ability to install or raise your network, to a higher level, by adding or replacing components.

Tradetech offers other electrical services such as, electrical maintenance, underground electrical services, testing and tagging. If your business requires an electrical contractor, contact us for more information, budget costs or a quote. Visit us at www.tradetechservices.com.au or call us on (03) 9440 7500. We operate throughout the Melbourne CBD, Melbourne suburbs and major regional centres.

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