How to Find the Right Company for Underground Electrical Services?

Underground Electrical Services

There are several medium to large size companies in Melbourne that are contracting larger scale electrical civil projects. Therefore, you want to feel confident in finding the right contractor for underground electrical services. Why? because these are intricate projects, requiring experience and expertise with a major emphasis on safety and quality to deliver the right outcome for end users.

An underground electrical civil contractor in Melbourne must possess all the good qualities of a company that undertake electrical pit installation, trenching and boring and locating buried cables and other assets including gas, water and communications. Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) places safety at the forefront and with more than 30 years’ experience in underground electrical services, we can provide your business with the electrical system that is required and at the highest level possible.

We respond quickly to our prospective client’s needs and keep our communication updated whilst working in partnership with our customers. This allows us to know exactly what you want and how the planning should take place. Our experienced TSA staff make sure that the project entrusted to us is completed using qualified staff, delivering quality projects within the required timeframe and on budget, paving the way for a long lasting and pleasant business relationship. We at TSA are experts in underground electrical infrastructure. We install conduits and electrical pits, trenching and pipe placement, site electrical work, precast manhole construction, cable hauling, non-destructive digging (Hydro Excavation) and much more.

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Our equipment operators and ground personnel are amongst the best underground infrastructure experts in Melbourne. Our staff are regularly updated with new training requirements and regulations in all areas of underground electrical services, including work safety and compliance. Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) works mostly with larger scale projects, including industries such as utilities companies, data centers, municipal and state agencies, hospitals, transportation companies and other related industries.

TSA is a one stop shop including Traffic Management, which eliminates the need to liaise with multiple trades, so if you would like to speak to our team of experts regarding your project or need information on our additional services just visit our website or call us direct. For more information visit us at or call on 03 9440 7500.

We provide services to Melbourne CBD, Melbourne suburbs and major regional centers right across Victoria and beyond. We will be happy to help.

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