As a developer, builder, company or a corporate structure involved in major civil electrical service projects it’s most than likely you will be looking for the services of a experienced contractor.

As a developer, builder, company or a corporate structure involved in major civil electrical service projects it’s most than likely you will be looking for the services of a experienced contractor. You want a contractor with the knowledge and expertise in under ground power conduit and infrastructure construction. Whatever the project, whether it be shopping complexes, office premises, hotels, data centres, multilevel apartment blocks, government building construction or major building works you want the right company to work alongside you.

If you are looking to hire the services of an experienced and professional company for the installation of underground electrical and communication infrastructure for civil projects and your project is in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs, you may find it problematic to find the right organisation. However, because not all contractors can give you the same high level of service and expertise, you should choose one that can provide you exactly what you need.

Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) is a qualified to undertake major electrical civil projects. This means that we adhere to all Australian regulations and safety standards. We have the necessary accreditation, qualifications and our technicians are trained continually to remain compliant. We offer a full range of services, which is a good idea, especially if you are working on a large civil project. We can handle any project with a complete range of electrical and civil work. Tradetech Services Australia is a local Melbourne company. While there are some other great civil project contractors around the country, it is important to select a company like us who is geographically convenient. Hiring our services means that you are supporting your own local economy, while eradicating all the inconveniences of transportation, to and from the project site.

We employ a team of electricians, apprentices, civil workers, licensed excavator operators, concreters, and multi skilled staff, all experienced in every aspect of electrical and civil projects required for commercial buildings and outbuildings. Our workers excel in data cabling, major underground electrical works, lighting design and installation, rewiring, electrical maintenance and much more. We are also experienced in major electrical, concreting, safety equipment and civil underground infrastructure, along with having our own traffic management control.

As a contractor for civil projects, we specialise in electrical supply pits, high voltage conduits (we are accredited by VEDN (Victorian Electrical Distribution Network), for meeting their requirements on the civil aspects of underground electrical infrastructures. We are also experts in commercial electrical, domestic electrical, trenching and boring, directional drilling, hydro excavation or non-destructive digging and high-level security installations and products. For your civil electrical servicing projects, we perform all facets of under the ground power conduit construction and as we offer a wide range of services, you can expect that we can also undertake design and installation development, underground power distribution, commercial building conduit runs and we offer you our general maintenance and repair services.

For your electrical services and civil project needs, contact us for a fast, reliable, and competitive quote. We can assure you our qualified technicians have the required expertise and experience to help you with all your electrical and civil requirements. Please call us at 03 9440 7500 or visit us at

We would be happy to discuss your project requirements and eventually assist you with a full project plan and quotation for the works. Our services cover Melbourne CBD, Melbourne suburbs and major regional centres.

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