With modern advancements in construction, the demand for electrical infrastructure is rising exponentially.

What is electrical infrastructure?

With modern advancements in construction, the demand for electrical infrastructure is rising exponentially.

Many civil projects require a subset of underground projects, ranging from small installs to comprehensive asset pathways.

These aspects of civil project design and install include but are not limited to the following:

  • Underground conduit and cable reticulation.
  • Regulatory Distribution Authority accreditation.
  • Council and Municipality pre-requisites.
  • Site audits and Safety Management Plans.
  • Project expedition.
  • Permanent Reinstatements.
  • Auditing, As-builts and detailing.

VEDN Accreditation

Tradetech Services Australia is a VEDN (Victorian Electrical Distribution Network) accredited contractor. This agency is responsible for authorising businesses involved in the installation of underground electrical infrastructure. The VEDN accreditation enables TSA to offer you turnkey solutions for electrical installations, including but not limited to:

  • Electrical cabling
  • Communication cabling including Fibre optics
  • Cable termination
  • Pit installation
  • Conduit works
  • Audits, As-builts and detailing

Holding VEDN and Civil Contractors Federation certification allows TSA workers to safely install underground infrastructure for the Victorian electrical supply industry.

When looking to engage an electrical company in Melbourne, it is recommended you use a Master Electricians accredited services provider. This will provide you with the peace of mind, knowing your electrical and communication installations are being completed to the highest quality and safety codes, meeting all Australian Standards.

Types of commercial electrical services:

Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) is a Master Electricians accredited electrical services provider in Melbourne. Below are some of the services we cover:

4G and 5G infrastructure:

TSA are an accredited 4G and 5G network installer for Telstra and Optus. The installation of these networks throughout your neighbourhood, enables you to stream, download and view real time content within seconds, not minutes, via greater spectrum bandwidth. These networks are tested constantly for EME levels and are 100% safe for human interactive experiences. TSA has a highly skilled and accredited team offering the delivery of all infrastructure, enabling the 4th and 5th Generation of mobile technology.

Data Cabling:

TSA offers all forms of data or network cabling which in its simplest form, involves multiple devices within an IT network being connected by cables. This IT cabling comes in several categories, such as CAT5e, CAT6 and fibre options. Typical data cabling installations will run from a specific device to a central communication cabinet to help facilitate the flow of data.

Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a cables, which are made from copper, can run at speeds of up to 1000 and 10,000Mbps respectively, but only over distances of <100m. Fibre cables, meanwhile, are also capable of speeds of up to 10,000Mbps, but this can be maintained over distances of up to 500m – 2Km. Copper cables, therefore, are suitable for shorter distances and fibre gives you more flexibility over longer distances.

Lighting Installation & Design:

TSA have a team of lighting designers and specialists that can help you create a unique identity for your commercial space and the required task lighting levels for your office or factory environments. Our team will work alongside you from the initial design stage to installation and operation, ensuring you are 110% satisfied with your outcomes.

Switchboard upgrade or replacement:

Electrical switchboards are the biggest safeguards for your business against accidents such as electrocution and fire. You should ensure it continues to give you the highest level of safety by having it regularly inspected. Our team of qualified personnel can provide you with the peace of mind your business needs when it comes to business continuity and safety. TSA can provide you with regular inspections and reports, detailing all areas of safety conformance.

Electrical servicing:

Electrical maintenance is all about safety and peace of mind. Routine inspections, servicing and repairs promotes smooth, seamless and safe business operations. Our team are available for emergency callouts or regularly scheduled inspections of your company’s electrical systems. TSA’s highly skilled technicians are extremely diligent and well versed when it comes to electrical compliance and regulatory requirements.

Security Installation:

Investing in a security and CCTV system for your premises will help deter criminal activity and give you peace of mind that your precious business assets are being protected around the clock. Our accredited security technicians will help design the perfect system to capture potential intrusion areas, whilst keeping in mind your financial budgets. All systems can be integrated to mobiles or tablets, ensuring you can keep an eye on your business 24/7.

Energy Audits:

Our TSA energy auditors will review your past energy bills, all your equipment and the way your commercial property operates. We will accumulate your data, evaluate all your energy needs and show you where you’re losing energy and what you can do about it.

Contact Us

TSA can assist you with all commercial electrical and infrastructure work. Our experts can guide you at all parts of your project and to assist with your civil and commercial needs. We have experienced professionals located in Melbourne who will help you with your queries and required services.

For free design & advice and quotes, please call now. If you like to find out more about TSA please Contact us today on (03) 9440 7500 or visit us at www.tradetechservices.com.au

We service the CBD, Melbourne metropolitan & greater Melbourne.

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