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Vehicle and Anti-Ram Barriers


Tradetech security products such as Vehicle Barriers that limit unauthorized access and provide the first line of defense against vehicle attacks and vehicle-borne spontaneous explosive devices.

Vehicle and Anti-Ram Barriers
Traffic Management Control
Traffic control
Traffic Barriers

Anti-Ram Security Barriers – Parking – Industrial

Tradetech security products such as Vehicle Barriers that limit unauthorized access and provide a first line of defence against vehicle attacks and vehicle borne spontaneous explosive devices. Meeting the highest quality standards, these crash barriers offer high security and proven defence for embassies, stadiums, refineries, utilities, airports, synagogues, religious institutions and more.

Robust, Durable Anti-Ram Barriers

Uniquely designed to provide long term value, Tradetech vehicle barriers utilise robust operating components to promote reliability, galvanized construction to prevent corrosion and advanced engineering to minimise installation costs. As one of the few companies in Australian and New Zealand to provide products made with state of the art German engineering excellence who manufacture its own barriers. We handle all critical fabrication processes in-house to maintain strict control over product quality and lead times.

Vehicle Barriers for All Applications

We have the right security vehicle barrier for every application – complete with the required accessories (traffic light, card reader, loops, etc.), for example:

  • Parking barriers
  • Industrial barriers
  • Vehicle Ram protection barriers, electro-magnetical
  • High security ram protection barriers, hydraulic
  • Gate barriers
  • Traffic barriers

With our products you always get a robust and low-maintenance complete solution from one source.

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