Security Bollards – Anti Terrorism Equipment

People’s lives and property always need protection from everything that can risk and harm.

Therefore, Tradetech Services Australia commits itself to producing products of the highest quality, manufactured and engineered in Germany. This places our security products at the fore front of the world’s best materials that can be sourced. In terms of high-level security systems, the company has continued to develop products and extend its services to the commercial market. These products include the anti-terrorist bollards along with many other services.

Bollards are fixed or re-tractable electrically driven posts that are installed in areas of varying risks to control road traffic to prevent hostile vehicles from causing damage to property and vehicles. In this type of invasion, perpetrators crash their vehicle into buildings such as Airports/ Bank Data Centres/Energy providers and many more. Vehicle ramming attacks, on the other hand is an assault, where someone drives his vehicle deliberately into another vehicle, a building or a group of people. Security bollards are designed to provide a strong barrier against damage, from potential accidents too.

Another threat for high profile structures and locations is terrorist attack. Government buildings, banks and other financial buildings, those that accommodate a great number of people and buildings in dense urban environments are most susceptible to these types of attacks. For your protection and peace of mind, you should consider installing anti-terrorism bollards, either fixed or retractable. It depends on your security needs. These posts can be designed, to preserve the appearance of your property, too. They can also be made to have an automated access point for emergency vehicles (ambulance, fire truck) or allow a fast evacuation of the property when needed.

BollardsFor your off limits or sensitive areas of your property, bollards are clear and visible barriers. These posts can be made of various materials such as ductile iron, steel, aluminum and plastic. Steel bollards provide clean aesthetics and remain rustproof, even in corrosive environment. These items can be reinforced with concrete, to resist the impact of traffic collisions. You can use security barriers as stand-alone posts or to reinforce decorative bollards. These products are ideal to install at building entrances, parking lot walkways, transit hubs and other pedestrian areas.

Besides the above-mentioned uses, bollards can also be beneficial in traffic guidance, access control and building ornamentation. However, the most important of all is, protection from terrorist attacks.

If you need a high-level security system, contact us for more information. We offer a range of installation methods, depending on your site application and they can be fixed or removable. We service all right across Australia, both metropolitan and regional area. Use our online contact form, by filling up the boxes with detailed information. You may opt to call us at 03 -9440-7500. We will be happy to help and give you the best advice about our security system for your property. With Tradetech Services Australia, you can be assured that our security product is the best in the market.

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