Quality Residential Concreting Services For Melbourne

“Tradetech Services Australia is a Melbourne based contractor serving residential concreting services all suburbs in Melbourne, the central business district and major regional towns and cities.”

Tradetech Services Australia is a Melbourne based residential concreting contractor servicing all suburbs in Melbourne, the central business district and major regional towns and cities.

Our commitment is to provide the best concreting solutions that are eco-friendly and enhance the homes of people right across the city.

We offer a wide range of residential concreting services that are flexible to any project. From footpaths, and patios, to decorative, and stained concrete, our skilled workforce offer the best services that will make your residential premises stand out among the rest of the crowd.

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Plain Concrete –

Plain concrete is one of the world’s most widely used products. You just have to take a look around to see the amount of plain concrete used every day.

We offer plain concrete driveways, patios and footpaths. We use concrete steel mesh that meets the required rating for the job and do not take shortcuts.

Coloured Concrete –

Concrete driveways and concrete footpaths all in a range of colours and patterns. Work with us, and we will provide a broad range of colours to find a selection of concrete colours that can be used to enhance your existing concrete. We can also offer a unique coloured concrete mix to create your coloured concrete area.

Polished Concrete –

Polished concrete flooring has become a highly popular flooring solution in modern homes with its trendy look, low maintenance, durability, and energy efficiency. Therefore, polished concrete can be effectively used both as a structural surface and decorative flooring.

On that basis, we can commit to doing the job right due to our skilled specialists specialising in the polishing and sealing of polished concrete flooring.

Tradetech Services works in collaboration with credible concreting suppliers to give our customers more choices in creating a peculiar design. It means you can create your perfect look by viewing the various options explained on the website or contacting the team to discuss.

Exposed Aggregate –

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveways are extremely popular in Australian residences. They have a long life and magnificent finishes; you can easily accomplish by selecting an aggregate that matches your current landscaping and home decor.

When executed in the right way, an exposed aggregate driveway, patio, footpath or entertaining area will look fantastic for a long period of time.

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