As Melbourne has seen in the past, the safety of our streets is on occasion is not always something that we can rely on.

Melbourne is a bustling and thriving city; rich in culture, cutting edge in the culinary scene and abundant in the activities and entertainment on offer to both locals and tourists. While such listed and positive attributes contribute to its former title as Australia’s most liveable city, as with any city in the world wide it can come with unpleasant, unwanted realities.

As Melbourne has seen in the past, the safety of our streets is on occasion is not always something that we can rely on. This is not an alarming statement, however, there are many protocols in place that ensure safety and, in turn, return our streets as a place where we can walk confidently and feel safe doing so. One such protocol – security bollards.

Security bollards are diverse: They range in both size and shape, which is ultimately determined based on their use. Below are a number of ways in which safety bollards can be used:

Safety bollards can be used to protect the community: Melbournians will know that certain areas around Melbourne CBD are fitted with bollards that prevent vehicle access into a crowded area.

Safety bollards can be used to control entry into a worksite: Established is that the main aim of safety bollards is to prevent unwanted access of vehicles into an area. Controlled access into worksites is particularly important, as the safety of all staff involved in a civil project is dependent on a structured and orchestrated plan. Unplanned vehicle access can interrupt safety measures and protocols.

Safety bollards can deter damage to public property: Public property often makes for great skateboarding opportunities. All throughout Melbourne city, skateboarders use public seating, handrails and pathways for entertainment and tricks. This, unfortunately, can lead to damage in the form of dents, chips or scuff marks. Safety bollards can be situated around such property to interrupt any skateboarding, bike-riding or rollerblading opportunities.

Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) specialise in Melbourne safety bollards and our team of trained staff are able to assess project needs on an individual basis and advise on the most appropriate shape, size and quantity of safety bollards needed to ensure that whatever it is that you are trying to protect, be protected.

We offer quotes, information, advice and security solutions for any project, big or small. Contact us at You can also call on (03) 9440 7500. We operate throughout all of Melbourne CBD, Melbourne suburbs and major regional centres.

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