Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

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Our TSA team have a unique relationship with the world renowned, German engineered & manufactured Tescon AG. With our in-house civil and electrical capabilities, we can provide an all in one solution for all your high-end security needs.

What is a hostile vehicle?

A hostile vehicle is generally one whose driver is determined to access a restricted or unauthorised area or location in order to cause injury/death to people, disrupt business or effect publicity for a cause.

Therefore, it may be used to carry an explosive device or the vehicle itself, travelling at speed, may present the primary danger.

Subsequently, likely targets of hostile vehicles are spaces occupied by a critical mass of people at a particular time, where the aim of an attack is to cause death/injury to large numbers of people. The driver of a hostile vehicle may not necessarily obey traffic road rules. On that basis, inherent danger in not taking this into account when conducting a site assessment. All too often, security measures have been installed under the assumption that a vehicle will not, for example, travel the wrong way down a one-way street.

Tradetech Services Australia is focused on preventing vehicular access to crowded places to help mitigate the risk of a malicious or terrorist attack. The suggested counter-measures may also be valuable in other situations, such as protecting pedestrians on footpaths from dangerous or drunk drivers. The methods of hostile vehicle attack may include-

  • Parked (containing material to cause harm i.e. explosives).
  • Encroachment;
  • Exploiting gaps in site defences (no impact)
  • Tailgating through an active barrier system; and or tampering with vehicle barriers to later provide unlawful access.
  • Penetrative Impact (ramming people & structures).
  • Entry by deception to access restricted areas (trojan vehicle).
  • Duress (against a security guard or employee to open a barrier).

What is a crowded place?

Crowded places are locations or environments which are easily accessible by large numbers of people on a predictable basis. Crowded places include, but are not limited to, sports stadiums, transport hubs, shopping centres, hotels, clubs, places of worship, tourist attractions, movie theatres, and civic spaces.

Crowded places do not have to be buildings and can include open spaces such as parks and pedestrian malls. A crowded place will not necessarily be crowded at all times: crowd densities may vary between day and night, by season, and may be temporary, as in the case of sporting events, open air festivals, or one-off events.

Why undertake Security measures?

Security should be proportionate to threat Security measures can be resource intensive, costly and, if not correctly managed and communicated, can alienate staff and the public and significantly disrupt the day-to-day operations of a crowded place.

Why choose Tradetech Services Australia?

We can provide specialist advice that is essential when considering and planning is required before implementing any security solutions. It is important to take a holistic approach to security consistent with the foreseeable risks to your venue or asset.

Applying security measures to counter the vehicle risk in isolation can inadvertently create a vulnerability to another risk, such as crowd crush. Understanding the hostile vehicle risk is crucial to ensure your security measures are not over or under engineered. Contact us for further details.

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