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Perimeter security for

financial premises

The financial sector is subject to very high or constantly rising conditions imposed by the relevant supervisory authorities worldwide. Banks or other administrative financial-buildings and data centres in particular are attractive targets for criminal activities due to highly sensitive data. Therefore, bank security in many levels are necessary.

Financial building security

Perimeter Protection Group offers internationally certified High Security products for financial building security. We have bollards, wedge barriers and quick folding gates with impact load against most external attacks. Our portfolio also includes modern Entrance Control solutions against internal threats like sabotage, theft, etc.. Data theft or even destruction could lead to an immense loss of the companys` image.

Reliable concepts from one source

Depending on the type of data, it could also be a dangerous threat to public security. And of course protection and control of personnel must not be neglected. They also form security gaps because of their possible knowledge of sensitive information. PPG can offer reliable security solutions for financlial building security from one suorce.

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financial sectors

Zentralbank, Netherlands
National Bank, Denmark
BKS Cash Handling, Denmark
Banque de France, France
Bank Fina, Croatia

ING Vyasa Bank, India
Central Bank of Oman, Oman
Bank Negara, Malaysia

Bank of Ghana, Ghana
Riyadh Bank Data Center, South Africa

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