Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Fences and front grids

Tescon Sicherheitssysteme AG is a premium provider for securing prpoerty boundaries by fence systems and gates. Whatever you want to protect, goods, buildings, objects, we develop a complete security system with fences, gates, access controls – according to your individual requirements. Whether airports, railway stations or critical infrastructures, our project engineers advise you, offer you the right solution for your requirements and implement it on site. It is important for us to adapt the installations architecturally and spatially to the overall picture.

The following security-fence types are available:

  • Industrial fences
  • Front grids in frame orplug-in design
  • Alarm fences

Special constructions on demand.

Sliding Security Gates

Our manufacturer TesconAG deliver their own unique range of Cantilever, track and swing gates. These gates are purposely designed for their use and therefore both the gate make up, motor and safety system are always at the forefront of the design. As part of our safe and secure policy our gates undergo extensive testing, together with our program for development and re-development of electronic equipment which is a critical part of the gate system.

Swing Gates

Smooth, quiet and motorised, swing gates feature a 180 degree swing, allowing for bi-directional use.
Swing gates can be arranged to close automatically after a programmed amount of time or upon instruction from its operator. The gate has built-in intelligence to detect obstructions and will stop moving to protect users’ safety.
The Swing Gate is the ideal option if you would like to install a side gate alongside our turnstiles or pedestrian gates.

Security Automated Gates

Our gates are manufactured and installed with German engineering excellence and are designed to be integrated with our other security systems including tyre killers, wedge barriers, anti-ram gates, turnstiles and anti-terror bollards to enhance access control. Tradetech Services Australia gates are designed to be installed in synagogues, airports and shipping ports, military complexes, power plants, private car parks, distribution depots, waste facilities and religious institutions.

Tescon AG products have been supplying quality high level security products right across the world for over 20 years.

Crash Rated Gates

Our high security solutions and products include hostile vehicle mitigation and entrance control barriers commonly used in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation. Vehicle Security Barriers blocking beams, wedge Barriers, Bollards and Sliding Gates. Each of these products are in increasing demand in the protection of critical infrastructure from a vehicle borne attack.

TargeTech’s manufacturer TesconAG has established business relationships with manufacturers in across Europe, who are market leaders of high quality barrier equipment. We have the capacity to service the Australian and New Zealand market, and can deliver quality outcomes from concept to completion.

We work closely with our supply partners and consult with them, ensuring the design objectives are met in full. Depending on complexity, we often involve the manufacturer in commissioning equipment as a high end quality measure.

Blocking BeamsTurnstiles