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Anti-Terror Bollards



URBAN Safety – Protecting People

Anti-Terror Bollards
Telescopic Bollards
Locking Bollards

TSA along with TesconAG provide only the best products, designed, engineered and manufactured in Germany.

Our bollards are designed to provide a strong barrier against vehicular attack without compromising aesthetics. We have a large range of products that can be engineered for any environment or application.

  • Locking bollards, driven electro-hydraulically
  • Locking bollards, retractable, with hydraulic and pump
  • Rigid bollards, removable, shallow soil depth
  • Telescopic bollards, retractable, shallow soil depth
  • Telescoping locking bollards with low installation depth
  • Single or multiple systems in a row with one drive
  • Bollard barrier height: 700, 800, 900, 1000, 1100 and 1200mm
  • Bollard blocking part diameter: 220, 275 und 500 mm
  • Anti-Terror locking bollard with resistance values up to 2000 kjoule impacting energy (CWA 16221 :2010)

Attacks with vehicles on people are becoming more common. ANTI-TERROR locking bollards offer effective protection against these terroristic attacks. Especially in the inner city areas to protect pedestrian zones and restaurant areas, but also in public places and stadiums the use of locking bollards defuses hazardous points.

The optics of our bollards can also be adapted to the local requirements after installation. Our employees have developed a multitude of bollards which meet all rquirements of PAS 68.IWA 14-1. In addition, the effectiveness of our products is demonstrated by static calculations. Special constructions with extremely high impact loads are also possible.

Security Bollards

There is a wide range of security bollards that can be used as an effective security solution. Our well-engineered bollards protect pedestrians, motorists, infrastructure and business assets. We have provided bollards for some of the world’s most vulnerable industries, including the oil and gas industry and diplomatic embassies.
Our team is well-versed in the optimum types of bollards to solve security issues. Let us evaluate your particular situation and we will offer professional consultation to guarantee the best type of bollard.

High-level Security Solutions

Unfortunately, it is a day and age where security bollards are more important than ever. Our extensive knowledge in the industry has evolved into many types of bollards, from retractable bollards for pedestrian areas, car parking bollards, and energy-absorbing bollards to protect both pedestrians and drivers. However, our speciality is bollards for high-risk security situations. Our industrial-grade bollards are designed in Germany and installed in Melbourne and the greater area by a team of experts.

Industrial Grade Bollards

Our industrial-grade bollards are designed to protect pedestrians in the event of a vehicular attack. These bollards are manufactured in Germany and installed by our expert team in Melbourne. Our experience in the industry of civil infrastructure and security solutions helps us provide expert consultation on where and how to install anti-terrorism bollards.

Bollards To Protect Pedestrians in the Melbourne Area

There are a variety of bollards specifically designed for pedestrian areas. One of the most common types of bollards is retractable bollards for areas frequented by pedestrians which might need to be accessed by service vehicles or delivery vehicles. Alternatively, Energy Absorbing Bollards are most useful in areas where there are both high-density traffic and regular pedestrians.

Car Parking Bollards

These robust steel car park bollards are designed to protect assets and pedestrians from low-impact collisions. While the base of the bollard is sturdy, the outer layer is designed to absorb energy and prevent damage to vehicles while also protecting pedestrians. These types of bollards are regularly tested for collisions up to 20 km.

End Terminals Protect Motorists

Heavy-duty end bollards are specifically designed to reduce damage and the risk of injury during high-speed motoring accidents. It’s our goal to install bollards which both prevent catastrophic damage and prevent the vehicle from damaging other vehicles or nearby assets. These industrial bollards are capable of stopping vehicles travelling up to 60 km.

Other Types of Bollards for Specific Situations

While our bollards put security first, there are occasions where we’ll be able to install bollards that don’t compromise on aesthetics. Contact our team to find out how we can help with custom orders. We’ve been in the industry for years and have many options to choose from when it comes to security bollards.


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