Photovoltaic Solar Solutions

We all know how important it is to care for our environment and the Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Solution supplied by Tradetech Services Australia, ensures you’ll be doing your bit.

Our team of qualified electricians and solar power experts will design, install and maintain the right solar set up for your home or business and you can start to save money on your energy bills.

We will organise your Australian Government solar power credits for you (small technology certificates) to give you maximum savings and maximum value.

Past and Present Projects:

• AGL Solar Contractors
• Budget Full Branch Solar Installation
• Large volume domestic Installations
• Service and maintenance existing units
• Installation advice (Pre & Post Installation)

How long does it take to install a solar system?

• 1 kW Small – 1 to 2 Days
• 3 kW Medium – 2 to 3 Days
• 5 kW Large – 3 Days +

Where are the solar panels installed on a house?

Orientation is most efficient with a North or North-West facing aspect. One of our expert technicians will personally come to your property and design a system to suit your particular needs.

How do you calculate what size of solar panel to install?

It all depends on how much roof space you have. We recommend one of our tradesmen comes around to take a look. Feel free to call us for a free quote.

What type of solar panels do you recommend?

Tradetech Services Australia only recommends and installs panels approved by the Clean Energy Council, and tested to Australian standards and conditions.

Why would a business want to install solar panels?

With today’s reduced solar credits, the major benefits for commercial and industrial premises is a reduction in energy costs by producing the energy that you use.

Speak to a PV/Solar Specialist at Tradetech Services Ausralia regarding your current energy consumption and how solar installations can reduce your business running costs.

Installation costs may also have tax benefits for you.

Do you install Solar Hot Water panels too?

Yes, we can assist you with total solar and energy packaging.

What is the Warranty offered on solar panels?

The Solar Panels have a 25 year warranty.

What are solar rebates?

Speak to a Tradetech Services Australia consultant to talk about what rebates are applicable in your region.