At Tradetech Services Australia (TSA) we are proud of the quality of work we deliver – we are committed to the highest level of service from start to finish on our projects. Our Non-destructive digging or hydro excavation allows us to provide, low-risk, clean excavation with ease. Our highly skilled Hydro Excavation Team are fully qualified including safely access the Rail Corridor Certified.

How does non-destructive digging work?

This method of digging uses high pressure water and vacuum excavation to remove soil in a safe way around underground utility assets.

What are the benefits of non-destructive digging?

Customers benifiet from pole to pit because:
• It removes the risk of excavating around existing services such as Gas, Electricity, Communications, Water and Sewer.
• Avoids damage to tree roots and other environmentally sensitive areas.
• Cleans existing drains and services pits.
• New modern equipment with fully trained operators.

Who would benefit from using non-destructive digging?

Non-destructive digging suits clients looking for a safe alternative to mechanical methods that is also environmentally friendly. We offer competitive rates and first-class service. Our trucks have the capacity to handle a variety of hydro excavation projects no matter the scale.